27 October 2011

PMS yg sgt2 kritikal

Sadness is when we feel hurt
Its knowing nobody can make you feel better
no matter how hard they tried
Its relizing in the past hours how much you cried
Its hating everyone around you because of all their lies
Its sitting down and wondering why
Sadness can break you down
It makes you want to end it now
Its feeling lost or scared
you thought that everyone cared
growing up thinking one thing
then finally opening your eyes to realize it was nothing but lies
I trusted them from the start
now I find myself falling apart
Sadness is trust thats been lost
Its realizing the heart was the cost
Sadness is depression
but can it be fixed is the question
can something that hurts so bad end just like that?
the answer is no
my strength I will regain
now I refuse to ever feel sadness again


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